Nordic Defence & Security ( NDS ) has more than 30 years of experience in working with the armed forces in our region.

We are a trading & consulting agency offering the most modern and cost effective solutions for the Army, Navy and Air Force in addition to other professional users such as the police, fire departments and different security dependant organizations.

Nordic Defence & Security AS has solid experience combined with an extensive network within the armed forces and defence industry. This allows us to closely cooperate with the users, decision makers and manufacturers to either source the best solution available or develop solutions tailor made for the user requirements.

NDS strives to maintain and develop our portfolio to ensure a premier range of development and manufacturing capabilities.

We pride ourselves in monitoring our markets very closely with regards to developments in technology and arising customer requirements.

Understanding the operational, as well as the commercial requirements is critical to successfully offer and secure contracts within Government bodies. These elements are at the very core of our business philosophy.